A pre-emptive apology

After nine months mourning Twitter’s cold-blooded murder of Posterous, I've finally summoned the courage to commit to a new blog. I appear to have picked a platform that charges five dollars per month; I can only hope the cost will be motivational, like a gym membership.

So, I may as well apologise now for my imminent disappearance. I don't owe you an apology – after all this isn't the sort of blog you visit every day to learn some new technique, or the kind that gives helpful answers to your search queries. No, this will inevitably be the kind of blog you encounter when looking for a Googlewhack, or sitting uncomfortably close to me in a coffee shop. Stop it please.

Actually, were anybody soon to be due an apology, it would be the coffee shop proprietor, whom I will have deprived of three pounds and fivepence with my irresponsible notblogging. I am – err, will be – will have been sorry about that, Mr New Row Coffee. Yes, I shall have missed you too, and yes, perhaps I should have waited until after the doing of the thing before attempting to engage in the being very sorry for it. The future pluperfect apologetic voice is a grammatical car crash just waiting to be going to have happened.

As you've probably twigged, this is not a blog about anything much in particular. It'll probably include some bits from my day job as a web developer, and a lot of stuff from my evening job as a guy who types strings of words into an internet box for no discernable reason and to no appreciable end.

I worry.


Joel Overton

Joel Overton is a holistic web development therapist. If you know what that means, he asks that you let him know, quickly please.